The Front Row

The Front Row is a show about how education and technology accelerate social progress and innovation. We speak with the people who are making a difference across a range of fields, as we journey through the past and present to see what it takes to solve the problems of the future. Brought to you by 2U, a company that partners with great colleges and universities to build the world’s best digital education. Follow along at or tweet us @2Uinc #NoBackRow.

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1: Workforce of the Future

We hear a lot about the manufacturing industry slowing down, work going overseas, and automation making some jobs obsolete. In today’s uncertain economic and political climate, it’s easy to feel a little lost–but we’ll introduce you to people who are taking the future into their own hands and creating hope for this sector.


2: Future of Aging

We are at the cusp of the Silver Tsunami: by 2050, the number of Americans over the age of 65 will have doubled, while the number older than 85 will have tripled. The tide is rolling in and we’ll meet people who are determined to make living longer, better.


3: Future of Epidemics

The plague killed sixty percent of the Europe’s population in the 14th century. Today medical professionals are arming themselves against future epidemics with a variety of unique weapons from tracking wild animals carrying diseases we don’t even know about yet to new ways of rethinking and communicating infection.