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Annalise Nielsen

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This time last year, I was knee-deep in wedding planning. While a stressful experience I have no intention of repeating ever again in my life, it did give me valuable firsthand experience being on the other side of the client-vendor relationship. I want to share the standout lesson for me, which came from our favourite vendor: the caterer.

Venturing into tastings, we first opted to try a mid-tier caterer. Unfortunately, the experience left much to be desired. The food wasn’t horrible, but it was served cold and they had few vegetarian options (half of our family are vegetarians). Worst of all, they were unable to accommodate the personal touches we had requested. Discouraged, we decided to check out one of the higher-tier caterers instead. This caterer is known for being the best in the Toronto area, and we were nervous they might be out of our reach. Thankfully, we were wrong.

What stood out most was their flexibility. They not only embraced our personal touches but went the extra mile, letting us bring in outside food at no extra charge—pastrami sandwiches from a local deli, late-night pizza, and our own homemade desserts. These little touches not only made the wedding more personal, but also helped cut down costs. And most crucially, the caterer recommended we consider a different package for dinner– food stations and passed appetizers rather than a full sit-down meal. This aligned nicely with the more casual vibe we were hoping to cultivate, and reduced labor costs without compromising food quality (I can’t tell you how many people came up to tell me it was the best food they’d ever had at a wedding). 

This flexibility, accommodation, and dedication to an exceptional product is what I strive to deliver to our clients here at Pacific Content. While some clients prefer the full sit-down meal, others lean towards passed appetizers and food stations. We want to ensure we’re delivering incredible service for all clients who come in the door.

That’s why today we’re excitedly introducing Pop by Pacific Content: an accessible solution to bring award-winning podcasts to all brands.  

Weaving Brands into Culture

Podcasts are table stakes for brands. 

I don’t think it’s controversial to say that in today's world, creators shape culture. They understand the power of reaching audiences through diverse channels. Influencers know the importance of taking a multimedia approach to content creation, ensuring multiple touchpoints with audiences and building incremental reach. An influencer would never consider only being available on TikTok OR YouTube OR Instagram. And increasingly, they’re turning to podcasts to increase engagement, deepen relationships, and increase their influence. 

Brands have a lot to learn from these content creators. Consumption habits are changing. Consumers expect to engage with brands across all platforms– including podcasts. As the purchasing power of Gen Z continues to grow, brands need to stay culturally relevant to resonate with target customers. Authenticity, transparency, and values-driven content are essential for standing out and influencing conversions with these audiences. Thankfully, podcasts are the perfect tool for achieving all these goals.

At Pacific Content, we see the untapped potential of podcasts for an even wider range of brands. We carefully designed the Pop product for a new generation of marketers seeking an accessible, streamlined podcast solution. 

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The Promise of Pop

With Pop, we are focused on maintaining accessibility and adaptability. We uphold the high standards for production quality set by Pacific Content, but present it in a format that suits a broader range of brands. Pop is for brands serious about adding audio to their content marketing stack– brands that understand to resonate with audiences today, they must treat their audiences like individuals first, not merely customers. With Pop, we stay true to our Pacific Content roots, applying Creative Bravery to create shows that your target audience actually wants to click play on, shows that genuinely entertain your target audience.

Pop Pacific Content
Production Approach Accelerated schedules and always-on content strategies with an emphasis on habit-building for listeners Season-based, carefully crafted productions with an emphasis on high-impact episodes
In-House Collaboration Flexible and suitable for brands with in-house resources looking for podcast-specific expertise Full-service model for brands seeking comprehensive podcast production
Content Formats Podcast formats proven to work and on an accelerated schedule  Intricate formats, narrative shows and serialized seasons

Collective Arts X Pop by Pacific Content

We are thrilled to announce the inaugural Pop project will be with global beverage brand Collective Arts, a brand synonymous with creativity. Stay tuned for the podcast later this year.

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Work With Us

Are you:

  • Searching for incremental reach to amplify an existing campaign?
  • Eager to translate your carefully crafted social media presence into an impactful podcast? 
  • Keen on strengthening your brand’s ties with a key influencer? 
  • Looking for a more authentic way to connect with younger audiences?
  • Seeking to build relationships and loyalty with your target consumers? 
  • Interested in embedding your brand into the regular routine of your target audience through an always-on content strategy? 
  • Craving a pop of colour in your work life? 

Reach out! We’re excited to bring your podcast to life.

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