The Ultimate Podcast Holiday Gift Guide for Brand Marketers

Give the Gift of Podcast This Holiday Season

a podcast that is a holiday gift

This is crunch time for brands planning their holiday marketing campaigns — plus, maybe I’m feeling a little inspired by the Christmas in July celebrations I’ve been seeing.

In the last 5 years, the brands creating original podcasts have shifted. The branded podcast space used to be pretty evenly split between B2B and B2C brands — but lately it’s been dominated by B2B brands. But the recent success of the Barbie movie clearly demonstrates the power of brand storytelling for B2C brands. So, as the holidays approach, it’s time for B2C brands to stop missing out!

With the rough economic conditions of the last year, brands will be fighting for fewer and fewer dollars in December– it’s never been more important to stand out. And the biggest spender this holiday season? Millennials (the generation with young kids at home and parents to still shop for), with Gen Z poised to be the fastest growing generation of spenders. As many reports have demonstrated, Millennials and Gen Z want the brands they financially support to align with their values (i.e. 83% of Millennials say it’s important for the company they buy from to align with their values and beliefs).

The holidays are a time of thoughtful and conscious consumption– to stand out in such a crowded marketplace, brands need to leverage the power of storytelling to demonstrate their brand values and ethics. And these younger generations are podcast fans and will be looking for new shows to listen to as they prepare for the holidays (1 in 4 listeners say they listen to podcasts to have something to discuss at holiday gatherings).

At Pacific Content, we encourage brands to think of their original podcasts as “gifts” to their target audience– a show the audience will actively click play on and be grateful for. So, building on this idea, I decided to put together a little holiday podcast gift guide just for brands. I’ve asked some of my talented colleagues to brainstorm some original podcasts to give to your target audience exactly what they want to be listening to this holiday season.

For the Exhausted Parent

A podcast for parents and caregivers who are trying to do it all, and, inevitably, failing. This reassuring, non-judgemental and irreverent podcast is a respite for any parent figure who feels terrorized by endless to-do lists, self-care, and (secretly or openly) wants permission to do less. In every episode, our relatable high-profile parent host talks to a real parent or caregiver about what they stopped doing, or did less of, and how “giving it up” helped them feel better about themselves, their families and their communities. We’re all about “giving it up” for giving unhelpful tasks/ideas/stuff up.

Tori Allen, Executive Producer

Potential brands: Hello Fresh, Instant Pot, Casper, Keurig

For the Kid Whose Parents Want Educational Gifts

A play on the wildly successful entrepreneurial podcast “How I Built This,” this podcast features a kid explaining their “creation” to a curious David Attenborough-style host. Enhanced by rich, playful sound design, each episode is 10 minutes or less, and sounds like a cross between “Planet Earth,” “Making Fun” and “How I Built This,” but from a kid’s perspective. Celebrating creativity, collaboration and problem-solving, creations range from extraordinary forts to culinary concoctions and radical robots.

– Tori Allen, Executive Producer

Potential brands: Lego, Baby Einstein, Leap Frog, Play-Doh

For the Climate Conscious Consumer

This podcast is about the little successes in the fight towards a sustainable future. Each episode offers a dose of inspiration, as we follow stories from around the world: hear about how a small birding group restored their local eagle population, meet the whistleblower who discovered the hole in the Ozone and helped change regulations to repair it, or the young people taking their governments to court today. This show is an optimistic, instructive show that proves one person really can make a difference.

– Pippa Johnstone, Showrunner

Potential brands: Everlane, Patagonia, Hydro Flask, Rent the Runway

For the Fitness Fanatic

Each episode of this podcast acts as a guided workout. Episodes vary between 15 and 30 minutes in length and offer a variety of guided exercises, varying from cardio to pilates to weight lifting. A handful of rotating coaches lead each workout at various levels of intensity to help listeners achieve their fitness goals.

– Annalise Nielsen, Head of Strategy & Development

Example brands: Nike, Adidas, Lululemon

For the Superhost

They’re not holiday cheer experts — they just play them on TV! But this year that will change. Join a beloved Hallmark movie star like Danica McKeller or Luke McFarlane as they bring cozy lessons from their fictional home to create the perfect magical holiday for their families.

– Alison Broverman, Showrunner

Example brands: Hallmark, President’s Choice, Bailey’s, Pillsbury, Walgreens

For the Foodie

A deep dive into flavor! A sound-rich narrative documentary, each episode exploring the science, history and cultural and nutritional importance of a different flavor profile.

– Alison Broverman, Showrunner

Example brands: Tyson Foods, Campbell’s, JP Wiser’s, Betty Crocker

For the Travel Lover

An immersive virtual audio tour featuring stories by local experts and lush sound design that will transport listeners to a different dream destination each episode. From strolling along the Seine in Paris to surfing with dolphins in the Pacific, give your listeners’ ears an imaginary vacation — and inspiration for their next real-life journey

– Alison Broverman, Showrunner

Example brands: Expedia, American Express, Delta

For the New Homeowner

A podcast that helps you navigate the many challenges of being a new homeowner, and provides tips on how to add value to your property. Each episode focuses on a different topic; from why you should have a backup sump pump, to the value of landscaping. Hear from industry experts and learn what you should and shouldn’t do with your biggest asset.

– Marshall Whitsed, Producer

Example brands: Article, Samsung, Lowes, any smart speaker brand

For the Socially Concerned Consumer

This podcast profiles feminist icons throughout history– what they were up against, what they overcame and what it means to stand on their shoulders today. Episodes move through history and achievement as we look at the (sometimes complicated) legacies of groundbreaking women. Episodes include Ida B. Wells, Venus Williams, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

 Pippa Johnstone, Showrunner

Example brands: Flamingo, Knix, Dove

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